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In June of 2004 I left Ames, Iowa and went down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. I had completed my 3rd season of high school coaching and was given an opportunity by Larry Eustachy to be a part of his staff at the University of Southern Mississippi. I was given no assurances, no promises, no idea of compensation... just the opportunity to help. I was excited!!! But definitely had a lot of questions and not many answers...

I spent six seasons at the University of Southern Mississippi from 2004-2010. I worked extremely hard... attacked every day like no task was too small... and was given unbelievable experiences while building many strong relationships that I value to this day. Sitting in Reed Green Coliseum with my family a few days ago as they battled UTEP, I was able to reflect on a part of my journey that helped mold the coach and person I am today. I am forever thankful and proud to have been a Golden Eagle and member of the Hattiesburg community.

I'm asked all the time by young, aspiring coaches how they can advance their career... How can I go from High School to College? College to Pro? There is no exact science. There is no cheat sheet... all I know is that we are always interviewing and that we are always being evaluated. For me, doors have opened from meaning relationships I have built over time, and the willingness to take chances by betting on myself. I have tried to pour into the situation I'm in and give it my undivided attention... I do not believe in turning a switch on or off based on title or circumstance. It sounds simple... be the type of person you would want to hire and have working for you!

When I drove down to Hattiesburg that summer I had never set foot in the state of Mississippi... At age 25, I set out a journey and took some big risks. I'm thankful I had the strength and a few supporters encouraging me. Life changing experiences come in many different ways... open your eyes, be willing to take risks, but most importantly pour your heart into what you do and let the chips fall where they may. #SMTTT

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